Sunday, October 7, 2012

This old House

Driving through a small town in North Texas, I saw this. After taking a few pictures the owner approached and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was recording the architecture of by-gone years. He said come on in.

The door knob didn't look like anyone had twisted the knob in a century.
I'll post more as the week passes.

I remember a ride or two on one that looked a lot like this. It had holes in the tail too. I found this at the end of a dirt strip somewhere in N.Texas The stories that it could tell should it speak. Hey, the tires were all up and in good shape. Maybe when the sun goes down, there will be another flight logged to ..

Every time I happen across a house like the one that belongs to this door knob, I have to wonder what it was like to go through the door and smell the fried chicken or pork chops cooking. The front door was two and a half inches of solid wood. This place had the water well beside the kitchen. A door separated the well room from the kitchen. The wood burning stove was immediately next to the door to the well. The pantry was under the stairs that led up to the attic. Maybe next time I will take a look up stairs. I'll take a better flash also. The old rippled windows in the living room  were under a framed set of
multi colored tiled opaque glass. I told the person that owned this old house that he could sell the doors and frames plus a lot of the wood. The house will be torn down in the near future. Any takers....?
I don't know how old the ceramic tile (old Bridge) is that was around the front fireplace but I saw it on e-bay for $1K for 300 pieces of this style and coloring of tile.

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